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Graham Lovis Dental Practice

We are a friendly dental practice led by Dr Graham Lovis. We provide high quality dental care and look after our patients as our friends. We believe in treating the causes of dental disease as well as the effects.  Most dental disease is preventable and we help you keep your mouth healthy and free of disease. All members of the practice team are very experienced and capable, as well as kind and friendly.

Modern dental care has changed and now has very much more to offer than many people realise. We provide all aspects of modern dentistry, especially cosmetic work. If you want to improve your smile, we can help you. We aim to provide only the highest quality of care, the sort of care that we would want for ourselves.

Dr Graham Lovis, who is the dentist, is assisted and supported by the dental nurses, the hygienists, and the receptionists.

We also rely on the skills of our dental laboratories to help us provide the best for you.

We are also supported by our local colleagues, the dental trade and manufacturers and by the wonderful people at Denplan.

Survey Results
Friendly Practice

Denplan Excel

A survey of our patients is carried out by an independent research organisation.  We scored better than the reference of other Denplan Excel practices (themselves some of the best dental practices in the UK) in nearly all areas, including 100% for the friendly manner of the dentists, dental nurses, receptionists and practice manager!

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Ten Ways We Can Improve Your Dental Health

Do your gums bleed or look red and swollen? Do you have a bad taste or bad breath? Modern periodontal therapy will ensure trouble free, healthy gums. Have a full mouth detox if you haven’t been to the dentist for a while.
Check out how good your brushing and flossing technique is? Receive advice as to the best technique and equipment to use. Visit the hygienist every three months to make sure that you are keeping you teeth and gums healthy.
Do your teeth keep breaking? Strengthen them by having crowns or onlays provided.
If you have missing teeth problems can occur. Other teeth can tilt or drift which may affect your bite or gums. Missing teeth can be replaced by bridges or implants.
If your teeth don‘t meet very well your bite can be improved by occlusal equilibration.

We all suffer from stress at times and many people clench or grind their teeth, sometimes without realising it. Headaches and tension pain can be relieved by occlusal splints, nightguards or the SCI (Sleep Clench Inhibitor) device.
Are your teeth sensitive to cold drinks? Desensitizing or adhesive bonding can eliminate sensitivity.
Do you avoid dental treatments because you are apprehensive about injections or drilling? We were pioneers of Minimally Invasive Dentistry and have a variety of techniques to repair teeth with little or no drilling. We also offer needle-free local anaesthesia.
Back teeth often decay on their biting surfaces no matter how clean you keep them. Check for decay with Kavo DiagnoDent laser fluorescence scanner. Have fissure sealants or sealant restorations placed to protect them. This is especially important for children.
If you play sports then you can have a custom made mouthguard, even in your team colours.

How much will it cost?

We are not cheap! If you want cheap dentistry there are other places you can go. But, we are very good value for money because we only provide the best. Our patients agree with 90.0% rating us as excellent/good value for money in an independent research survey. Our fees are worked out based on a rate of £408 per hour (2017).

Reduced fee for your first visit

However, for your initial visit we reserve a full 45 minutes for your consultation. At that visit we will talk to you, discuss your requirements and after fully examining your mouth including taking any radiographs (X-rays) required, give you options for improving your oral health. You only pay for a 15 minute appointment (£102)

Once your mouth is reasonably healthy, you may be eligible to join Denplan which is a way of providing ongoing preventive care for an affordable cost.

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